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DAP- Administrative and commercial agent

Vocational training in English

About us :

The administrative and commercial agent mainly deals with office work, X by using the various office tools. Hismissions vary depending on the company and the sector of activity: accounting, purchasing and sales, human resources, logistics or general secretariat. The administrative and commercial agent can exercise his profession in all sectors.

Fields of activity

  • Physical and telephone reception of visitors, customers and suppliers
  • Processing of mail and accounting documents
  • General accounting (VAT calculation , salary calculation and accounting)
  • Writing delivery notes, invoices, receipts and credit notes
  • Administrative work related to human resources


The DAP-Administrative and commercial agent is a vocational training that extends to a total duration of 3 years.

The first year is full-time schoolmode. The second and third year are carried out under an apprenticeship contract. The students spend two days a week at school in order to deepen their theoretical knowledge and X  3 days a week in the company to consolidate their practical training

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